Tips to Boost Your Social Media Knowledge

Recent stats from the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) found that 52% of agents rely on social media for their best leads. If your social media strategy needs an upgrade, here are some easy ways to improve and expand your presence:

Partner up
Consider asking a new agent to share their cyber-skills while you act as an industry mentor.

Increase your range
While over 90% of agents are on Facebook, 52% are on Instagram and only 5% are on Tik Tok-- two apps popular with Generation Z and millennial users. If you haven't expanded into these and other apps, doing so will enable you to reach these users.

Learn new skills
While every social media app provides help and support to new users, you can finesse your content by signing up for an online marketing course. Choose one specifically for real estate agents, or find a course focused on the skill you most want to improve.


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