It’s 2022 Business Planning Time!

A good business plan not only creates a road map for your business, but helps you work through your goals and get them on paper. Business plans come in many formats and contain many sections, but even the most basic should include a mission and vision statement, marketing plans, and a proposed management structure.

Writing a business plan is imperative to getting your business off the ground. While every plan is different – and most likely depends on the type and size of your business – there are some basic elements you don’t want to ignore.

  1. Mission Statement: Clearly define your purpose and the benefit you provide.
  2. SWOT Analysis: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats is an assessment of you as an agent and of the landscape where you practice.
  3. Specific Goals: Separate your goals into short-term and long-term.
  4. Strategic Plan: Determine what specific strategies you will use to achieve your goals.
  5. Time Frame: Determine a time frame to achieve each of your goals.
  6. Target Audience: Define your audience to help you refine your strategies.
  7. Systems and Processes: Have specific processes to achieve your goals.

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