5 Essential Home Projects For May

May is a great month to get things done with the spring weather. Here are a few projects to prioritize this month to prepare for the upcoming summer.

  1. Service Your Lawn Mower - Grass will grow faster with the longer days and sunlight. Make sure you're prepared by checking and sharpening your mower blades.
  2. Install Ceiling Fans - Ceiling fans are more energy-efficient than running the AC all day. Prioritize rooms you spend the most time in, like the family room or kitchen.
  3. Service Your Grill - If you let your grill hibernate over the winter, now is a great time to get it ready for summer. First, gas grills should be checked for clogs in the burner jets, and be sure to fill your propane tanks. For charcoal grills, clean out any excess ash or grease.
  4. Check Your Air Conditioner - Change or clean the filter, check hoses for leaks, and confirm that things are draining correctly. Calling a pro now before temperatures soar will pay huge dividends versus waiting.
  5. Paint The House - The spring weather makes it ideal for outdoor projects like painting your house. Check your siding for rot and replace any damaged boards before starting.

Source: bobvilla.com

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