15 Home Maintenance Tips For Spring

After winter's cold and wet weather, spring's sunny days are a breath of fresh air. But is your home ready for the temperature change? Here are 15 Home Maintenance To-Dos for Spring from HGTV.

  1. Examine Roof Shingles
  2. Probe the Wood Trim
  3. Check the Gutters
  4. Use Compacted Soil
  5. Examine the Chimney
  6. Check the Attic
  7. Inspect the Concrete
  8. Examine Brickwork and Stucco
  9. Replace Rotted Siding or Trim
  10. Move Firewood
  11. Check Outside Faucets
  12. Recaulk Windows and Doors
  13. Repair Window Screens
  14. Service AC Unit
  15. Check Power Equipment

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Source: HGTV.com

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